Collateral Damage Claims a Cover for Incompetence

The current President and his supporters have no regard for the value of human life. There is nothing proud or honourable about what this man is doing to the Philippines, which he is leading towards complete moral bankruptcy.

The continued disdain for the lives of innocent people continues to baffle me. I wonder if people would have voted for him if he openly said that he does not care how many innocent people he kills in his quest to clean up the country’s problems.

People that I know continue to openly sing the praises of this man, and defend every action he takes. It makes me wonder how far he can go before these people start to reconsider their position. Maybe they never will. Possibly because of ego and not wanting to acknowledge they made a huge mistake. Possibly because they have grown cold and dead inside that death no longer affects them in anyway.

If enough people fall into the latter camp then what will become of the Philippines long term?

As time passes people may become more desensitised to the constant barrage of killings. Innocent, or otherwise. Personally I don’t think this will happen. I think there will be a tipping point where people say enough is enough. They will tire of this ridiculous attitude towards the people of the Philippines and the votes will swing in the opposite direction next time around.

Six years is a very long time – and I have faith in the good in most Filipinos. One day people will wake up to the hysteria they were caught up in, and that the pursuit of change soaked in blood will never make the country better.

Someone needs to recognise this now and position themselves as a strong leader, with the same vision of the future that Duterte has – but with some humanity thrown in and some genuine long term problem solving.

People will see that this approach doesn’t solve problems. It creates them. It is naïve to think otherwise.

Duterte and his supporters are taking the easy way out by resigning the fall out to collateral damage. It is a cover for deeply rooted incompetence in Government, and government services – such as the police. If there was one video that sums up how bad this is it would be the below, that was also shared in the post on must see documentaries for anyone visiting the Philippines.

*fast forward to the 38 minute mark. Yes this is an event that happened a long time ago, but i have not heard of any drastic reform or major upgrades to training regimes in this time.  

Never has it been more clear that if you get into trouble in the Philippines you are on your own.

Duterte’s advice to “not allow yourself to be kidnapped” is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have heard from a world leader anywhere. This alone shows this man has the thought process of a five year old. Hello!!! Who wants to help the kidnappers out so they can be imprisoned, starved and possibly beheaded.

But, this is the man in charge. You made your bed Philippines, and you have to lay in it. I just hope for your sake that it is not you, or anyone in your family that do get into trouble one day. Whether from a stray bullet, a kidnapping, or a cop with an agenda that has targeted you for no reason other than he just doesn’t like you. You will be beyond help, you will die, and your government will not care.

Think about it….

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