“I Will Kill You” – Duterte’s Limited Problem Solving Ability

In just a few short months Duterte’s presidency has gone from full of hope, to blood bath, to ineffective, to downright incompetent and ridiculous. Thus condemning the Philippines to another term of drudgery, that will see the country fall even further behind the rest of the world.

Sure you can cite the impressive growth rate of the country’s GDP as progress, but the growth has been there for a long time. The dysfunctional system remains in decline.

As the months go by it becomes more evident that Duterte has very few strings to his problem solving bow. His grand plans have been met with a reality check that you have to be good at solving problems to make progress. Unfortunately Duterte’s problem solving thought process does not go beyond “I’ll kill you!”

So I just wanted to recap the groups that he has threatened so far. There is an obvious trend here, and if any of you are not sick of hearing this stuff already then I bet that you will be before his term is done. 

Drug Addicts

We all know about the war on drugs, the scourge of the four million drug addicts, the duty Duterte has to his country… yada, yada… bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. The threats here are well known. With the campaign obviously not working he then just asked all the drug addicts to stay home.

“I will kill you if I see you outside”

More Drug Addicts

Then we have the massive failure in police discipline that anyone smarter than a house brick could see coming. Duterte is undeterred!

“I will kill more if only to get rid of drugs”

It’s not working buddy. Time to roll those pebbles around in that head of yours and find some new ideas.


In the fallout Duterte had to recount a condition he laid out for an NBI appointment where agents would be killed if work gets messy.   

“whether he really kills them or not it’s not my problem”

Perhaps they should be made to do push ups instead?


To the mayors around the country involved in the drug trade, especially those on his notoriously inaccurate hit lists.

“I will really kill you”


Then of course the media. For someone who talks so tough he gets a bit whiney when someone disagrees with him.

“Do not go into that thing or I will kill you”

Human Rights Activists

Remember he doesn’t like being criticized…

“I will include you (in the killings) because you are the reason why their numbers swell”

The UN

In one of his most publicised ramblings:

“I will burn down the United Nations if you want.”

From the same rant there was a more amusing line that didn’t get the same media attention

“You United Nations, you do not know how to diplomacy. You do not know how to behave to be an employee of the United Nations.”

Ok, so he hasn’t threatened to kill anyone here. I still wanted it on the list though for the pure comedy value.


To the country’s billionaires regarding paying their taxes:

“Pay up, or else I will kill you”


To those who were engaging in the dodgy employment practice known as contractualisation:

“Stop contractualisation or I will kill you. I am the president”

He just had to throw in that last part. He may have being president confused with being god.

American Drug Addicts

And finally, putting words in the new US President’s mouth and threatening all drug users in the USA.

“He will also kill you”

Did you notice the common thread here? Well there are two. The overuse of death threats is obvious, the other is that none of these underlying problems have been solved yet.

The threats are not working buddy. Time to roll those pebbles around in that head of yours and find some new ideas.

The national embarrassment continues. But what do you expect when you elect a former prosecutor, who has openly admitted to planting evidence and who’s view of the law allows killing as long as there is a good reason: 

“When was it a crime to say ‘I will kill you’ in protecting my country? When did saying ‘if you harm my country and my children, I will kill you’ become a crime?’ My God!” he said.”

The most troubling aspect of all this is that Duterte himself genuinely thinks he is doing good for the Philippines. He is not and history will judge him in a similar ilk to his idol Ferdinand Marcos.

Update: Rather than write a whole article as a follow up i thought i would just add in the latest. The public have now been put on notice that corrupt police are likely to start turning up dead… More attempts at just killing off problems that brings us closer to the tipping point where a revolt against Duterte is likely.

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