Change isn’t Coming, So Stop Waiting for a Better Philippines

Yes, I am making fun of that well known electoral slogan. That trending buzz word that captured all the hopes for a better Philippines, and ousting the old school political dynasties that had driven the country into its current state.

No one has uttered this buzz word for a long time. I have not heard Change is Coming for many months. Does this mean change is already here? If it is, is there anything that is different?

This slogan has fizzled out into nothingness because of one thing. The average Filipino wants change for their country, but most do not want to do anything themselves to make it happen. Some do, but not enough of them.

The election of Duterte, and the grand national vision that came with it is an inspiring thought. What people don’t realise is that a vision alone will not make it so. It takes work, and with a population of 100 million people everyone needs to do their part.

Basic discipline to obey the law, courtesy, respect; these are the building blocks of a pleasant society. After the election many people were excited and said that they needed a strong leader to inspire everyone to be better Filipinos. An inspiring vision… but nothing actually happened with your average man on the street.

The government has initiated a massive fear campaign for drug dealers, users and anyone who gets caught in the middle. Does this make the average person respect the law? Not really.

Is everyone waiting for the drug problem to be solved –  for anyone following this blog you will know that i doubt it ever will be – so that we can then start enforcing traffic laws with the threat of hard line police tactics?

The fear/inspiration that many hoped would change people into disciplined, law abiding citizens didn’t. So what is next for a better Philippines? Is there genuine hope that the country can shake this mentality where people just don’t give a fuck? Not in my life time, but maybe one day.

A new administration was never going to have this effect. People get all caught up in election politics all over the world. The excitement of change more often than not leads to an anti climax and the continuation of the status quo. This administration has been no different so far. Good things have been achieved, some plain awful things have been done. But the average man’s life on the street is pretty much the same.

This is the case for the vast majority of the world, and the underlying message for the Philippines and every other country that doesn’t live under an oppressive regime. Don’t rely on the government for your quality of life. They will always over promise and under deliver. If you want to make your life better, go and do it. You don’t need anyone’s permission, and you don’t need anyone’s help. Just do it.

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