Mixed Nuts Bar – First Time Visitor Prank

We have previously written about the Ringside Midget Boxing bar as a place that is always near the top of the to do list for first time visitors to Manila. It had long been a first night initiation venue for a few beers and a window into the stranger side of Makati nightlife. Upstairs from Ringside is a place with a slightly different flavour in Mixed Nuts Bar.

As the name would suggest it is a lady boy bar. So it caters to a very niche market, and if you are not that sort of thing then you can expect an oversupply of entertainment compared to the number of customers.

Having never spent more than 30 seconds in there I can not offer much insight into the workings of the venue itself. What it is great for is a prank on an unsuspecting visitor who is a few beers deep.

With the boxing at Ringside not really kicking off until close to midnight, you would expect that on leaving the venue you could be well into a booze session. After such an eye opening experience no doubt the newbie would be wondering what is next on the agenda in the red light district.

You probably don’t need to over sell this one. Just say hey there is a great bar upstairs!  As you enter the bar it will be dark and full or girls. Not that different to most of the bars in the area.

The prank goes like this. As you enter just say you are going to use the bathroom….. then leave. Wait downstairs and start counting.

In Ringside if you just want to sit there and enjoy a beer the girls will leave you alone once you pay no attention to them. The ladyboys on the other hand are far more aggressive. So it is likely that the newbie will have been swarmed with ladyboys the second he sat down and may come running down the stairs in a matter of seconds wondering what just happened.

If no one appears after a minute you may want to return just to check what happened. Either they are into it, and maybe you are best leaving them there anyway. Or, they have not realised what is going and could be about to make some very embarrassing mistakes. So help them out!!!

Probably not the bet prank to play on someone with an overly aggressive personality. That will not end well. Be mindful of anyone overly sensitive also…. Although if they are then Manila is the wrong place for them anyway.

I have done this on more than one occasion though and i have not seen anyone last more than 30 seconds before coming screaming out of that door. Scarred for life.

You can ease their pain with a drink at one of the nearby and hetero friendly bars. At least they will have a story to tell when they return back home. 

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