Duterte Parody to Make Small Screen Debut – Finally!!

Well it was only a matter of time until the Duterte government went from real life comedy to small screen comedy. My money was on a South Park appearance first, but season 20 went by with no Duterte. I guess they had plenty of creative ammo with the whole Trump/Mr Gerrison parody.

I am still hopeful of South park coming through with the goods in S21. For no other reason than it will be frieken hilarious. As were the portrayals of Sadam Hussein, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, the Devil plus a range of other notorious world leaders. 

Saturday Night Live would also have been a likely candidate. With the Trump skits featuring Alec Baldwin becoming a regular feature on the show there is surely room for a Duterte sidekick!

Despite the open door for comical diplomacy the show Madam Secretary has beaten them all to the punch.

If that juicy pun didn’t make you laugh, the response from the Philippines US embassy surely will. The following quote taken from philstar.com.

“This highly negative portrayal of our Head of State not only casts doubt on the respectability of the Office of the Philippine President but also denigrates that way our nation navigates foreign affairs. It also tarnishes the Philippines’ longstanding advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality,”

In any other week this would be a shoe in for dumbest thing i read this week, but between the senate hearing’s display of ridiculous double standards of justice and the re-deployment of the PNP in the drug war, it is a much sought after prize this week! 

Lets break this down a bit. A fictitious character, who may or may not be based on Duterte is a negative portrayal of the Philippines approach to diplomacy and women’s rights.

I am not sure it is worth going into detail about what a bizarre point of view this is. There was no profanity, no threatening to kill another world leader, or burn their office down, and no nonsensical rants about irrelevant issues. A grope would be a step up!! 

I can only put this down to the whole Pinoy Pride thing. No matter what the subject matter, when it is an outsider making fun of anything Philippines the defences go up and logic goes out the window.

Duterte denigrates the global image of the Philippines far more than this TV show could, and he does it on a daily basis. Rather than be outraged at someone making fun of the president, perhaps directing your efforts towards demanding a higher standard of behaviour from the nations commander and chief could be a start. People are right to make fun of him, and you can be sure that it will continue as long as he continues to make a fool of himself.

As for the women’s rights comment. You will find my thoughts on the Philippines attitudes towards women here. From what i have observed they are in no position to take the moral high ground on equality.


  1. My view on Duterte is that he is part of a revolution. Brexit, Duterte, Trump, Le Pen… I see a pattern here and I’m interested in seeing how it turns out.

    1. The system needed a shake up. he was the only one offering this…. Whether it works out for the better remains to be seen. He has the opportunity to be one of the great world leaders of the last century for a country that desperately needs it. Unfortunately i don’t think his talent to execute matches his ambition. I would love to be wrong on this point for the sake of the Philippines.

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