Proof Duterte is Weak on Corruption

The recent termination of Ismael Sueno from his Interior Minister position raises some questions about Duterte’s attitudes towards corruption that no one is asking.

The president has received nothing but praise from his supporters for this move. A public demonstration of his low tolerance for corruption, and that he will even throw his close allies under the bus if there is a hint of wrong doing.

Saviour of the Philippines?

duterte is weak on corruptionWhere the big gap is in his decision is there has not been any talk of further action against Mr Sueno. At this stage there are allegations, nothing more. 

The allegations are very serious and claim that Government funds were used to purchase 76 fire trucks  at p20 million a piece. The actual cost is alleged to be only p7 million per truck. This leaves a surplus of p988,000,000 that would be unaccounted for.

Close to a billion pesos!

Does the government want this money back? You can be the people want their money back!

So why no action? If these allegations are in fact true Mr Sueno should be charged immediately and his assets frozen. If the allegations are proven he should have all of his wealth seized and returned to the people, and he should spend the rest of his life rotting away in jail.

Wouldn’t this send a strong message that the government is serious about cleaning up corruption? Firing someone from their job is a weak move. If nothing else eventuates then you would have to ask yourself what is really going on.

Is Duterte as tough on corruption as he claims to be? It doesn’t sound like it.

Who needs a job when you have a cool billion pesos scraped off the public purse.

Attack the Root Cause, or only the Symptom?

What do you think has done more damage to the Philippines over the past 30 years? Politicians stealing from the public, or drugs? What do you care about more?

Pre June 2016 no one cared about drugs. It wasn’t a problem that affected the majority. Now it is public enemy number one, and the thieving politicians have been able to fade into the background as a nuisance but not a real priority. 

duterte fight corruption

I am of the opinion that you have this one all backwards Philippines. The street level drug users and dealers are a problem yes, but they are a symptom of a problem created by thieving politicians over decades. This is at the heart of the problems that hold the country back.

The president doesn’t agree unfortunately. In Duterte’s Philippines you are better of stealing p988,000,000 from the public then you are having a toke on a crack pipe.

There is a serious imbalance here and yet another reason why Duterte will not achieve the change he strives for. His priorities are wrong. He is not attacking the root cause of the problem, only a symptom.

Until the people of the Philippines put the politics aside they will continue to ask the wrong questions. Unless you demand more from Duterte you will experience a tragic, but ultimately futile six years. Demand better of him – you can do this and support him at the same time.

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